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78 Million Dollars! Did you know?


Did you know that the economic impact from OHV related activities in the state of MD is estimated at 78.961 million dollars? The Department of Commerce, bureau of economic analysis calculated the economic impacts of outdoor recreation and our industry rates higher than Equestrian (horseback), Hiking/tent-camping, snow activities, and bicycling!…/summary…/ORSA%20-%20Maryland.pdf

It’s these numbers that get the attention of leadership in DNR, Counties, and State elected leadership and gets us a seat at their table to help make policy decisions. That’s why Wolf Den Run State Park is growing several miles at a time, Saint John’s Rock is seeing renewed development interest, with more things in the works including interstate cooperation just getting start.

But, we always need your support. Our organization is 100% volunteer non-profit. AKA we survive off your donations and memberships which we need to fund our advocacy!!

We are always looking for board members motivated to be the change they want to see! If becoming a board member it too much, but you are active in a club you would like to liaison for, we want you as well! Please DM us to get started. We are looking for a membership director, Saint John’s Rock point of contact, secretary, among others.