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“A picture is worth a thousand words”

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and this one makes a STATEMENT.

MDOHVA has helped change the way the State of Maryland, and Maryland Department of Natural Resources interact and view OHV recreation. The Office of Outdoor Recreation will work to capitalize on the economic befits of ALL recreational activities, which goes hand in hand with our community.

A recent economic study on the Great Allegheny Passage found hikers/bikes spend around $100.00 per day, and almost $500.00 on an over night trip. Data from the Hatfield McCoy Trail System in WV shows day trip users spending over $500.00 on a day trip, and $1,100.00 on an overnight night trip. Showing OHV tourism punches far above our weight on economic impacts. Making us one of the more ideal recreation groups for this new Office to capitalize on.

Photo of vehicle off-roading on rocks
St. John’s Rock Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) trail is one of two major off-road recreation areas recently opened in Western Maryland.