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Please take the time to comment on the forestry annual works plan that includes a proposal to develop new trails that could see the facility grow to over 20 miles!

This multicomponent proposal would evaluate a recent logging cut on over 100 acres to open up logging roads for OHV access, look to add 5-6 Miles of Single Track, and look to evaluate to existing network to increase trail flow for the riders.

Please review the plans here…/Doc…/SRSF-AWP-FY24-DRAFT1.pdf

Then take the time to send your comments via email here

All comments are due by 4/21/23 so please make your voice heard!

Sample response below:


As a long time OHV enthusiast, the OHV trail proposal is step in the right direction at Saint John’s Rock (SJR) in Savage River Forest. The OHV Title Tax Fund was designed specifically for the creation and maintenance of trails, and this is exactly in line with the given intent. I look forward to this growth at SJR and want it to continue to provide an equal and comparable facility to Wolf Den Run State Park, with an equal diversity in trail types.

I urge you to utilize this fund in other State-owned Forestry land where OHV access is limited or non-existent, like the Eastern Region Forests.