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Let’s keep the ball a rollin’


It’s been a while since the Maryland OHV Alliance has reached out to you. The forward momentum has been incredible this year, as we’ve now have three potential ORV trails pending final adjudication with Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). As much as we’d like to think this tough part is over, the truth is we still need your voice to be heard!

Three new ORV Trails being considered are: (1) one ORV Trail in Garrett County on the Savage River State Forest, in the general vicinity of St. John’s Rock-Red Dog Road, (2) two ORV Trails in Washington County, on DNR managed lands on Sideling Hill north and south.

Collectively, we all realize that these initial trails can’t be the “end solution” to Maryland ORVers. However, they do represent DNRs commitment to reinvigorate the ORV trails within Maryland. The Alliance sees them a pivotal point and a clean slate to build a top-notch trail system.

There are only three stages remaining before the trails could be opened. However, this stage needs you! DNR has begun the public notification stage, which solicits opinions and concerns from any and all of Maryland’s public. Maryland ORVers need to send a note and support these trails.

Please take a moment and respond to (deadline for comments is October 4,

Jack Perdue
Maryland DNR
Tawes State Office Building, E-1
580 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401

Or by email to:

The entire trail plan can be viewed here:

Of course we know most folks aren’t writers. This isn’t a poetry contest; the most important thing is that you send a note/email to DNR expressing your continued interest in Maryland’s ORV trails. Even if all you have time to say is “I support the proposed ORV trails”.

Alternatively if you prefer, here is a template response which we welcome you to personalize (change OHV to motorcycle, ATV, Jeep ) and submit to DNR:

Mr. Purdue,
As an off-highway vehicle user and a resident of Maryland, I strongly support opening the Savage River State Forest and Sideling Hill areas to responsible, sustainable OHV use. The previous closure of Green Ridge State Forest to OHV users was most unfortunate, resulting in my family spending our OHV time in neighboring states and supporting their economies.
The trail proposal provides a sound beginning. However, just a like a ski resort can’t serve their entire clientele with a single slope, we encourage DNR to consider broadening the ORV system to include more technically challenging jeep, ATV, and bike trails.

I recognize that labor to create and maintain any trail system becomes a driving financial factor. To help defray the burden to DNR, I would like to offer to volunteer to support such a great venture between ORVers and the
State of Maryland.

Lastly, I would like to encourage DNR to establish sound metrics to objectively quantify condition of the trail. This will allow a consistent method to monitor the trails, and predict when the trail will need remediation work. Nobody wants to see trails closed abruptly, in a repeat of Green Ridge State Forest. As responsible OHV users, we are all conservationists and want to protect the resources we use.

{include city & State}