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Maryland Department of Natural Resources Proposed Off-Road Vehicle Trail System Expansion


Please see

There will be a public meeting on Sept 4th 7pm at New Germany State Park.   Please attend if possible and comment regardless.

Points to consider:
1.  This is a good start but does not adequately replace the more technical trails at Green Ridge State Forest.  Please encourage DNR to establish more technically challenging, but sustainable trails for bikes, ATVs and jeeps.

2.  Please encourage the DNR to establish monitoring programs so that we can reduce the subjectivity of when a trail is no longer sustainable.

3.  Encourage the DNR to use volunteer labor to maintain and monitor trails.  Volunteers can also establish new single and 2-track trails at little or no-cost to the DNR.

Please send us feedback if you attend the meeting or if you comment by email.  Send your comments to