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MDOHVA involved with WV?


Over the weekend on 11.13.22 we were invited to speak in front of the West Virginia Infrastructure Committee on the benefits of getting OHV recreation users into towns and the potential of adding right of ways along roads to increase connectivity. This increased connectivity is better for both riders and the towns that serve them. The average day trip user will buy food and fuel in town if given the chance, helping grow and support local businesses.

Our invitation is a testament to the impact and success we have had in our endeavors. Regionally, people are seeing a positive impact and looking to capitalize. We spent time speaking with several committee members, and representative elects after the meeting. These members have seen the results of the trails we have been advocating for, and knew of our organization’s work.

Of the many new friends we have made, it was nice to finally meet in person a long time supporter and advisor, Jeffery Lusk, the director of the world famous Hatfield McCoy Trails system. Jeffery has spent many hours helping advise us to ensure we stay on a path to success. We look forward to fostering these relationships to help guide OHV policy and continuing to blaze new ground.

Photos by Perry Bennett