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Savage River Trail News


On Wednesday September 28th, we had breakfast with Deputy Secretary Daryl Anthony. Our #1 topic was the extensive amount of time it has taken to get the Savage Trail bid awarded.  He understood our concerns and regretted the delay, but he did have good news.  The additional funding was approved and the next Board of Public Works meeting would review the

My #1 issue was the delay getting the contract for Savage awarded.  DNR wasn’t being very aggressive getting the funding approved.  He said the funding for Savage River had been approved and he expected the October 19th Board of Public Works meeting to review and approve the contract.  This is an open meeting and encouraged us to attend.  The Alliance will have a board member present and we encourgae any others who wish to attend.

Assuming the Savage Trail contract is approved, we then discussed a Grand Opening next spring.  He supports that idea and we will work together to ensure Maryland’s first planned OHV system is appropriately opened.  More details on that as this progresses.

Friends, this has been very frustrating at times but we are slowly getting there.  Breaking new ground is never easy.