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Savage River Trail Progress

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On the 27th of July, DNR held the ORV Stakeholders Meeting at Rocky Gap State Park. At the meeting, they showed the 30% design plans for the new Savage River trail system. Friends, I have to admit I’m impressed! DNR has definitely been listening to us and took to heart the lessons from the NOHVCC workshop last year.

For the rock crawlers, there will be a dedicated section roughly 50′ wide by 250′ long. Preston Stevens from the United Four Wheel Drive Associations, and Doug Dobrynski from the FJ Bruisers, provided input to add a bypass lane beside the rock crawl as well as other additions to make that crawl an all-day affair for the wheelers.

The campsites will have drive-through access for those of us pulling trailers. They will also be installing a water-less ADA-compliant toilet. There will be 4 group sides with a 40×40 pad and 4 family sites with a 20×20 pad. The pads are for tents and tables. For the kids, DNR will create a kiddy trail between the campsites. There is a trail head near the camp sites for families that want to go hike the Savage River Trail.

We suggested that the lower section, which traverses a long hill, be made narrower to slow down riders, increase enjoyment as well as reduce the cost of construction. Most bike and quad riders want a narrow twisty trail and DNR listened. It looks like roughly 30 miles of trail, using the loops as well as going all the way out and back, will be constructed. At the end furthest away from the campsites, we suggested an area be established for a pavilion for folks to take a break or have a picnic. We will be donating a picnic table for their use.

The next stage requires permits from the Department of Environment. This is where our meeting earlier with DNR Secretary Belton will pay off. He promised to engage with MDE to expedite the required permits.

Standby team! I think you will like the new trail system.