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Savage Trails Preview (Part 1)


Teaser alert! Pictures and video coming soon.

Several of us had the pleasure of riding the new Savage River trails yesterday.  This was a pre-opening ride.  Our biggest critic and doubter had this to say:

I must say that I am indeed eating a big crow today, maybe even a buzzard! I was impressed with the trail that has been cut – yes it is two-track width, but it has plenty of technical action. Lots of turns, switchbacks, elevation changes, and challenging rocks. The trail is well laid out with a main connecting road, and the trail “fingers” coming off it broken up into 3 or 4 sections. Up and back on the technical loop is 16.5 miles. The parking areas are smartly done, with very nice timbers for guard rail. The camp area has a pee-wee loop that connects to all the campsites. It was fun to ride as well. There was rock pile installed for the crawlers, could maybe get through it with an Abrams tank if you’re lucky. – Great stuff. Only a few minutes from the interstate, and good cell service. Also a latrine. The DNR staff were great, with very positive attitudes, unlike some I’ve experienced in the past. Weather conditions were perfect, with cool western md air and bright sun.

All in all a fun trail that should be sustainable for years to come.