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Forestry Works Plan looking for Comments


Please take the time to share the following with any riders and groups you know. We would like you to read and provide comments to DNR’s 2023 forestry plans. Take note Savage Forest’s St. John’s Rock will be receiving nearly 8% trail growth starting late spring with an additional mile of trail being added, which is huge. While Potomac-Garrett state forest will be receiving erosion repairs to their existing trails and bridges. With Green Ridge, and the Eastern Shore being left out for OHV use.
Compared to several years ago, before SB606 created specific funding for OHV trails, this is a massive improvement and there is still more to go. But in order for us to continue to get our money’s worth we need your help to demonstrate the user demand, and the direction in which it should go. And don’t think they do not read it, as comments end up in the final draft of their works plan.
Since we at MDOHVA have been working hard to advocate for OHV access, the State has added nearly 65 miles of trails with more growth slated and under review!

If you do not want to create your own email to Forestry, please copy the below and let them know where you are from.

“Thank you for investing in OHV trail development. SB606 was passed to not just maintain existing OHV trails, but to create new ones as well. Saint John’s Rock new trail development is exciting and will appeal to, and generate more users. This should be a trend to be continued at Savage Forest to further develop a desirable OHV trail system for its desired end users.

The repairs within Potomac-Garrett Forest to the bridges and erosion controls are important and necessary, but will be incomplete without expanding the OHV’s accessible to these existing trails, and growing them as well.

With trails returning to Western MD, it is time to create and reopen trails on the Eastern Shore as well. Please utilize SB 606 funding to fund a sustainability study for OHV recreation.
Thank you,”