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Wolf Den Run State Park is now fully open, WITH CAMPING!!! All three parcels are now available to be ridden! So like this post, share this posts, tell your buddies, and go ride! Wolf Den now consists of approximately 40 miles of trail, and most are full size vehicle rated. One of the best trails is 2103 on Potomac due to the scenery, as well as 1102 on North Hills where you can get a good view of a waterfall.

Here is how it works. You need to call Herrington Manor State Park for your reservation. Your reservation allows you to park at any of the 3 parcels Huckleberry Rocks, North Hills, or Potomac. You can change riding locations as you please within the park as you please. You will also need to call Herrington Manor for camping reservations. Please keep parking lot crowding and social distance in mind given the current times. Also note, the North Hills parking lot does not allow trailers due to its size limitations. If you have a trailer you will need to park at Huckleberry Rocks or the Potomac River lots. Camping is extremely primitive at the moment with NO HOOKUPS, just a port-a-jon. Sites are limited to 6 people, with 6 sites currently available (don’t worry, plan for further development are in the works.)

To travel between the parcels on the road with your atv/sxs, you need a county permit Please make sure you follow all the rules! And if you get hungry and want a hot meal?! Head on down into the ATV friendly town of Kitzmiller and stop by the “Coal Bucket Restaurant.”

We want to stress how grateful we are of DNR’s hard work and dedication to this project. This project presented many challenges throughout development that are new to Maryland’s Park Services, and yet they used each challenge as an opportunity to excel! We at MDOHVA look forward our bright future working together!