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DNR 2025 Annual Works Plan

Maryland’s DNR is looking for comments on their 2025 Annual Works Plan. Please take the time to provide comments in support of components 1-3 in the Savage Forest Annual Works plan, as well as encourage motorized recreation at other locations that have existing trails and expand to new locations without that type of access. Comments are due by May 30th. Forestry Annual Work Plan Comments (

Please see the sample below:

““Thank you for investing in OHV trail development. SB606 was passed to not just maintain existing OHV trails, but to create new ones as well. Saint John’s Rock components 1-3 are exciting and will appeal to, and generate more users. This should be a trend to be continued at Savage Forest to further develop a desirable OHV trail system for its desired end users.

Please look to utilize this progress to expand the Burkholder ORV trail into a year-round, full loop, multi-use trail as well as expand to multi-use Wallman run trails.

With trails returning to Western MD, it is time to create and reopen trails on the Eastern Shore as well. Please utilize SB 606 funding to fund a sustainability study for OHV recreation.

Thank you,”

Here is a copy of the AWP SRSF Annual WorkPlan – FY2025 ( hitting “CRT+f” and search “ORV” and it will take you to the components. Included are 5-6 miles of ST and 5-6 miles of multi vehicle use trails, as well as revamping the existing trails for a more user friendly experience.

James Ratino
President of Maryland OHV Alliance