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Green Route for 4x4s

Wolf Den Run State Park Huckleberry Rocks Recommended Green Route for 4x4s

Image Courtesy of Ben Dunkerton © 2023

For those who haven’t been offroad in their 4×4 and are looking for a nice, easy ride then consider this route. We have also listed options if you want to push yourself.

Image Courtesy of Andrew Taylor © 2023

If you haven’t pre-purchased your day passes online, you can get them in-person at the Park HQ office. If you have, go straight to the Huckleberry Rocks Area.

At the end of the entrance road, take a hard left onto 0104 then straight onto 0109. There is a short climb at the beginning on 0109 but if you stay right, it is quite easy. Take a slight right to 0101 then left on 0201. Enjoy the many mud holes and you can stop at The Orchard for lunch or drive further to The Graves. Both have a parking area and picnic tables.

Image Courtesy of Andrew Taylor © 2023

Take a slight left onto 0202. Just past a tight spot, turn right on 0202. The Graves parking area is about ¼ mile on the left. The Graves themselves will be just beyond that on the right. There is room for 2 vehicles to park in front of the grave but we recommend you use the parking area.

Image Courtesy of Chris Patton © 2023

If you are feeling adventurous and love mud, consider The Wallows. To get there, turn right on 0205 then left on 0204. If The Wallow is too muddy, an easy trail parallels the mud then there is a bailout at 0207, take a right on 0202 and back to 0201. If you don’t have recovery gear or aren’t with someone who does, we don’t recommend The Wallows. If you are a beginning offroader, save the deep mud for another time.

Image Courtesy of Andrew Taylor © 2023

To avoid The Wallows, stay on 0202 and right on 0201. Stay on 0201 then 0101 which eventually takes you back to the parking area and the exit.

If you want a challenge, turn right on 0102. The trail makes a hard right and although that stretch is shown as a Green, it is definitely a Blue. There is an easy bailout road on the left just before the blue section. The short climb looks intimidating and there is a short stretch of rocks just beyond. At the end of 0102, turn left on 0101 and again another left and you will be back to the entrance road.

We hope you enjoy this route and you enjoy offroading. WDRSP has something for everyone!